Delivery of 11kV HV Substation Connection

Forte Engineering delivered the Design & Construction of the new HV Connection to Cadder depot. The client - Rail Systems Alliance Scotland (RSAS) needed to upgrade its high-voltage (HV) distribution system to support the growing demand for power from its equipment and to improve the reliability and safety of its electrical infrastructure. The project involved the installation of three HV substations, which would distribute power to various areas of the site, as well as the installation of all low-voltage (LV) ancillary equipment, earthing and bonding, and a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

Our specialist electrical engineering and automation processes were fundamental to the successful delivery of this project as was our extensive experience in designing, installing, and commissioning HV and LV electrical systems in various industrial sectors, including rail.

The project team at Forte Engineering worked closely with the client's engineers and project managers to define the scope of work, develop detailed design and installation plans, and obtain all necessary approvals and permits from regulatory bodies.


The installation of the HV substations involved the installation of transformers, switchgear, protection relays, and associated cabling and terminations. The LV ancillary equipment included distribution boards, motor control centers, lighting and power circuits, and fire alarms. The earthing and bonding work was essential to ensure safe operation and protection against electrical faults.

The SCADA system, which was based on Schneider Electric's T300 RTU, provided real-time monitoring and control of the HV and LV equipment, enabling the client to optimize its power usage, detect faults and alarms, and improve overall system reliability. Forte Engineering provided design support and fibre network and civil engineering deliverables including foundations, cable route and security fencing to protect the worksite.

The project was completed on schedule and within budget, with no safety incidents or disruptions to the client's operations. Forte Engineering provided comprehensive documentation and training to the client's staff to ensure they could operate and maintain the new system effectively.



The new HV distribution system provided the client with a more robust and efficient electrical infrastructure that met its current and future power demands. The SCADA system enabled the client to monitor and control the system remotely, improving its operational efficiency and reducing downtime. The client was satisfied with the quality of work and the professionalism of Forte Engineering's team and awarded them with additional projects.