Robroyston Station New Build

Delivery of the Station Information & Security System (SISS) at Robroyston station for Abellio Scotrail

Forte Engineering were engaged by the Principal Contractor AmcoGiffen to deliver the Station Information & Security System (SISS) at Robroyston station on behalf of their client Abellio Scotrail who are the Train Operating Company (TOC) for this station.

This is a new two platform station in the North East area of Glasgow, with parking on both sides, linked via an Access for All (AFA) footbridge and ramps.

On Platform 1 side, an REB was installed which housed the main SISS control cabinet and there was a secondary SISS cabinet on platform 2 side. These two cabinets were connected together using Ruckus Brocade switches and Multi-Mode fibre optic cable. Both of these cabinets and associated equipment within belonged to the TOC (Scotrail) and there was a third cabinet installed on platform 2 side for the Long Line Public Address equipment. This cabinet and all associated equipment within belongs to Network Rail. Train information was provided via Long Line Public Address (LLPA) speakers and Summary of Departure (SOD) displays located along each platform. Help Points were also installed in proximity to the SODs to allow passengers to contact Paisley Customer Service Centre if assistance was required.

CCTV cameras were installed on both platforms, the footbridge, both lifts, within the waiting shelters and in both car parks. All the Scotrail Assets were cabled back to the nearest SISS cabinet using CAT6 and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. A PoE switch was located within each cabinet to give each asset its power. Where the asset was located more than 95m away from the PoE switch, an ethernet extender was used. The LLPA speakers (NWR Asset) were cabled in one continuous daisy chain format and came from the NWR PA Cabinet. A 3rd party circuit was provided to the main SISS cabinet by British Telecom. This allowed connectivity for the Scotrail assets to the outside world. The CCTV, CIS and Helps Points are all connected back to the TOC`s Customer Service Centre at Paisley Gilmour Street. A Fibre Spur cable was installed, spliced and tested into Network Rails FTN infrastructure for the operation of the LLPA equipment.